Ballad of the Dolls.

Hand-sewn garments surface suppressed emotions in Kara Mia Fenoglietto’s “Ballad of the Dolls.” Using vintage decorative fabrics and handmade crafted objects she's spent years collecting, she creates pieces that hope to expose the emotions she imagines some of their creators suppressed. Her new body of work explores how women experienced the performance of gender roles. 


“You can see the hand-stitched threads that others have put their labor into,” Fenoglietto says. “Imagine them spending hours crocheting doilies by hand while their husbands were at work.” For Fenoglietto, art becomes a mechanism for empathy and reconsideration of patriarchy.

July 1 - 31, 2021


312 S. Washington Street
Seattle WA 98104

Shift is in the Tashiro Kaplan Arts Complex located at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Washington in the Pioneer Square area of downtown Seattle.